"Elect to Support CHSi"
The staff and clients of Community Human Services express heart-felt gratitude to all our sponsors!

Revolution Brewing Company

Andy and Emily Nordstrom
Coy Pugh & Associates
Fathers Who Care
Bob Danstrom of Edw. Jones
Albany Park Community Center
Andrew Lazes and Michella Onesti
Mutuality Associates

Thanks to The Laugh Factory and to everyone who attended the event!  We appreciate your support!
Line Up
Chris Bader

CHSi participates in the
Illinois Community Youth Summer Jobs Program

            We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for sending us...Heriberto, Armando, Rauol, and Joshua.  Their manners, attitude, rapport with patients/staff, and work ethic were exceptional.  Sincerely, The Rehab Staff at Wesley Place
 Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago's Youth at Risk-Reaching for Adulthood Program

Thank you Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lighford 
for your continued support of our efforts.

  Sharing laughs with the President and Founder of the 'BlackStar Project', Mr. Phillip Jackson.

Governor Pat Quinn, thanks for your leadership!

Cristian making a home at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting.

Thank you Illinois State Senator Mattie Hunter for your continued support!

Sharing good times with the legendary Congressman Danny K. Davis!

Chicago Youth Summer Jobs

     .Recent photograph in the North Parker Magazine

Thank you Former Illinois State Senator Annazette R. Collins for your support!